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Norshintron automation technology(kunshan) Co.,LTD.

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Norshintron automation technology(kunshan) Co.,LTD.

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Norshintron automation technology(kunshan)Co.,LTD. official online!
Norshintron automation technology(kunshan)Co.,LTD. was founded in June 2016. With its professional level technology in the field of automation, it is rapidly rising in the field of automation. Relying on science and technology for development, and constantly providing customers with special machine design belonging to the enterprise, and reducing human cost savings, is our constant pursuit. On the basis of fully introducing technical talents, it has successfully completed a number of products such as six joint robot automatic loading and unloading machine, automatic parting machine, automatic testing machine, and has been widely used in industry, electronic plug-ins, mechanical equipment, CNC processing and many other fields. With the first-class product quality and superb technical service, it has been highly praised by users. It has been transformed from the CNC OEM of the initial construction into a comprehensive technical entity, system integration company.
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