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Application of robot technology in woodworking machinery

Return to list Source: Norshintron Date: 2020-05-27
Robot skills competition, application in forestry and woodworking machinery Kong Qinghua Northeast Forestry University, Harbin 15, 40, Heilongjiang Province, due to the continuous development and maturity of robot technology, its application field continues to expand. Over the past 20 years, with the support of the seventh nine year plan and the sixth national plan. China's robot technology has made remarkable development and progress in various application fields. With the support of the sixth national plan and the State Forestry Administration, Northeast Forestry University has made some bold and effective attempts to the application of robots in forestry and woodworking machinery, and has also achieved certain results.
The robot can not only collect a large number of pine seeds in a short period of cone maturity, but also play an important role in forest ecological protection, forest renewal and sustainable development.
Structure and working principle: the robot is mainly composed of 50 tractor hydraulic drive system and single-chip microcomputer control system. The robot consists of big arm and small arm of the column of the rotary table and collection claw. The whole robot has 5 degrees of freedom. When collecting the cones, park the robot 35m away from the mother tree, operate the rotation motor of the manipulator to make the manipulator aim at one of the mother trees, and then the single-chip microcomputer system controls the large and small arms of the manipulator to rise to a certain degree at the same time, and the collection claws open and swing. When aiming at the branch to be collected, the big and small arms move at the same time, so that the collection claw approaches 1.52 along the direction of branch growth, and then the comb of the collection claw picks up the fruit branch. The big and small arms drive the collecting claws back according to the original path, comb the cones on the branch, and complete the second picking. Then descend 81.2, take out and align the branch, and repeat the above actions. After several strokes, pour the cones into the fruit collecting box at the back of the tractor. After picking a tree, turn the manipulator to aim at the next tree.
The maximum working gradient of main performance parameters is 12
The project won the science and technology progress award of the State Forestry Administration.
The structure and working principle of a new type of intelligent root clearing robot the robot is refitted from a hydraulic excavator. It has dual-purpose machine, full hydraulic drive, computer control and definite visual function. It unloads the bucket of the excavator and installs the terminal actuator of the robot, the cutting head of root clearing. The rotary cutting head is of cylinder structure. Two hydraulic motors drive the cylinder cutter with serrations at the lower end to cut the cutting roots. After the cutting roots are cut off, another hydraulic cylinder drives the claw clamp in the cylinder wall to clamp the cutting roots. Under the combined action of the large and small arms, the cutting roots are pulled up and stacked in the designated position.
The operation procedure of the robot is as follows: the driver controls the hydraulic driven walking system to enter the operation site, manually adjusts the position of the rotary cutting head; press the operation start key, the robot will enter the automatic operation state. Firstly, the grate drives the manipulator with six degrees of freedom to rotate and scan, and then finds the position of the cutting root through the visual function of the camera, and then carries out servo positioning, rotary cutting, clamping, pulling and stacking. The single-chip microcomputer control system is installed in the cab of the robot. The operator uses a real-time monitoring system composed of a camera and a 5.5-inch display to search the working target stump. The robot uses the advanced liquid crystal display, 240128d to display all kinds of information, which overcomes the shortcomings that only a few professionals can understand using the conventional 103 signal display mode. All kinds of information residence can be read directly from the screen promotion application.
Main performance parameters: the maximum working radius of the manipulator is 8m; the minimum working radius of the manipulator is 4m; the maximum rotating speed of the rotary cutting device is 300ranin; the rotating speed of the manipulator is 5rain; the maximum working pressure of the hydraulic system is 16MPa; the maximum working slope is 12; the maximum diameter class of the clearing root is 550mm; the working efficiency of the hole diameter after clearing the root is shown in the overall dimension experiment and application results of the whole vehicle mass The robot can clear about 100 stumps per shift, which is 50 times of that of manual digging. It can be used in different cutting sites and regions to replace the rotary cutting and lifting devices with different diameter and length. Using this robot to clean up the cutting roots and reduce the soil and water loss is conducive to the full utilization of the cutting residues, which can promote artificial reforestation and protect the ecological environment.
The structure and working principle of intelligent centering robot for rotary cutting large-scale intelligent centering robot is based on the video control of industrial camera, supplemented by the contact detection of manipulator, and realizes the optimal centering of rotary cutting log on the premise that the log does not rotate. This set of mechanism and method can change the most advanced laser detection centering method in the world at present to make the log rotate 360, and the method of detecting points with five laser rangefinders can not only reduce the investment of detection instruments, but also save 60% energy, and also improve the centering accuracy.
The small intelligent centering robot is mainly used in the production of small-diameter wood veneer. It is the most widely used centering machine in China. It has a large production and a broad prospect of promotion. It can realize dynamic detection in the process of quick rotation cutting and make full use of small-diameter wood resources. It is a popular product of intelligent centering wood robot.
The work requirement of the intelligent centering wood robot is to clamp up the log and put it into the eye field composed of two industrial cameras for centering. According to the shape of two end faces and the situation of middle bending, the best theoretical center will be found.
The software of the robot is developed with the most popular + 6.0 in the world. According to the actual needs, the software is divided into basic modules video data collection